Inspired by the revolution in the Indian construction Industry in the last 20 years and its continuous strive to attain excellence, Marbone joined hands to the revolution and choose its way to challenge the myths in the door industry in India.

We have been contributing to the door industry for the last 25 years and finally went into the main stream as manufacturers of the best in class moulded panel doors, decorative flush doors, veneered doors, panel door of wood, etc. by using latest European technology




At Marbone- Marching ahead in changing the-perception of the door domain- we sincerely believe that just the simplest of words and says does not satisfies the
purpose of security and durability.

Getting counted with the masses is the fast thing that we can dream of Warranty is some thing that we don't even talk about...

We guarantee-

Every Marbone door come with a guarantee of 5 years against ALL manufacturing defects so that you can just lock them and leave the rest on us.

We need to be counted... we are here for ages. We call ourselves- Marbone - Doors for ages..


We just don't say.... "we guarantee"

Features ...

Advantage of Marbone moulded panel door -

♦♦    Aesthetic looks: Moulded panel doors have wonderful appearance, apart from the designs the door facings are textured. These can be either polished or painted. This gives an undisputable beauty.

♦♦    Moulded panel Doors have densified 3.00mm thick wood fibre (DWF) plates, compared to peel of 2.00mm and face veneer of 1.00mm used in flush doors. This gives them unmatchable durability and lasting.

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