Marbone offers a wide range of membrane routed flush door.

These doors are basically quality double core flush doors which are carved On the surface and then laminated, with quality PVC lamination sheet.

We offer these doors which we produce with 100% pine wood filling with double core. The PVC sheets used are of the finest quality which is imported.

We use European techno logy and equipments to route these doors and put the lamination PVC sheet so that the door tends to last and perform.

These doors are available in wide range of colour, textures and designs which can be even customized to match almost any style or requirement.


•    Boiling Water resistant.
•    Weather Resistant
•    Termite & Borer resistant
•    Seasoned Timber.
•    Quick & Easy Availability.
•    Heat Insulated
•    Anti Cracking & warping.
•    Sound Insulated.
•    Ready to install
•    Easy to clean.
•    Negligible Maintenance


Pencil Design Series


Door : 100 % Pine Flush Door. Double core of 2.5mm each on each side
Glue / Resin (Door) Phenol : Formaldehyde / Urea Formaldehyde / Melamine
Wood :
•    Spruce/ Canadian Hemlock/Pine Seasoned
•    Chemically Treated
•    8-12% Moisture Content

Stiles and Rails : 60 mm on all four sides
Filler : 100% Pine
Pressing Temperature : 170 Degree Celcius
Pressing Pressure : 1000 P.S.I.
Foil : Thickness of 0.26mm/0.30mm (Korean)
Glue/Resin (Foil) : Latest- Pidilite (Excessive Stingent and Stable)
Design Depth : 4.5 mm
Design Patten : Step Rout/ Circular/ Pencil
Dimensions :
•    Length (inches) : 72f75f78,81,84 (Any size can be provided against requirement)
•    Width : 26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,44 (Any size can be provided against requirement)
•    Thickness : 30mm, 32 mm and 35 mm (Other can be provided as per requirement)