Marbone offers a wide array of durable, stylish, stingent and quality Moulded Panel Doors. We offer wide range of widths, heights and thickness.

These doors are white primered so that it can be painted or polished easily. These doors are bonded and pressed hot using phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin confirming to BWP grade of IS: 848.

These mesmerizing doors are available in textures surfaces to match elegant decor with negligible maintenance built to perform.



•    Boiling Water resistant.
•    Weather Resistant
•    Termite & Borer resistant
•    Can be Painted or polished.
•    Seasoned Timber,
•    Quick & Easy Availability.
•    Heat Insulated.
•    Anti Cracking & warping.
•    Sound Insulated.
•    Ready to install
•    Easy to clean.
•    Long Life



Door Facin :Moulded densified wood fibre plates having density of over 1000 Kg/m3 and thickness of 3.2 mm (Tropical Hardwood)
Glue/Resin : Phenol Formaldehyde
Wood :
•    Spruce/ Canadian Hemlock/Pine Seasoned
•    Chemically Treated
•    8-12% Moisture Content

Stiles and Rails : 60 mm on all four sides
Filler : Ecolax Board (Pine)
Pressing Temperature : 170 Degree Celcius
Pressing Pressure : 1000 P.S.I.
Varnish Mode : Machine Spray
Dimensions :
•    Length : 1778 mm to 2134 mm (70-84 inches)
•    Width : 610 mm to 1016 mm (24-40 inches); Width upto 1066 mm (42 inches) is available in selected designs
•    Thickness : 32 mm and 35 mm (Other can be provided as per requirement)