Here at Marbone, we offer exceptional and top quality door frame of wood-plastic composite.

These doors to frames can be used right from main doors to both rooms as these are 100% water, weather & termite proof.

The screw holding capacity of these door frames are far better compared to the wooden doors frames and are easily and quickly available.

We offer a wide range of dimension in WPC door frames which can be painted, polished or varnished to match any door.

These door frames never crack, bend, swell or warp. Fit it forget it and no more trip to sawmills.

•    Weather Resistant
•    Termite & Boren resistant
•    Zero swelling
•    Economic product
•    Chemical rasistant
•    Heat Insulated
•    Green product
•    Sound Insulated.
•    Ready to install
•    Easy to clean.
•    Negligible Maintenance
•    Long Life



•    Termite proof
•    Water proof
•    Ready to install
•    Maintenance free
•    Zero swelling
•    Chemical resistant
•    Easy to clean
•    Heat insulated
•    Sound Insulated
•    Green product
•    Economic product
•    Long life
•    Fire retardant


•    Bedrooms
•    Bathrooms
•    Toilets
•    Balconies
•    Terraces
•    Industrial use
•    Hospitals
•    Hotels
•    Schools
•    Temples
•    And many more areas

Available Sizes :
3 in x 2 in I 4 in x 2 in


Dark Brown Colour
Redy to fix